Math made easy – What is half of 3/4?

Math made easy - What is half of 3/4?

Fractions are handy mechanisms that we use to make measurements in everyday life. Sometimes they are a bit tricky, so arming yourself with some quick knowledge saves you time! We’ll look at how to calculate fractions by hand and also by a calculator.

What Is half of ¾?

Getting into fractions of fractions can be complicated, but it’s useful to know this information. Possessing this knowledge can save you the pain of always having to look it up later.

In fraction form

In fraction form

Fortunately, figuring this one out is easy. Remember, with a fraction, the numerator is the top number, and the denominator is the bottom one. When you want to find the half of a fraction, multiply the denominator by 2!

The reasoning behind this is that when dividing a fraction, the rule is to multiply by the reciprocal. In this case, that would mean turning a 2 into a fraction, which would be 2/1. The reciprocal of 2/1 is 1/2 and that’s the number we multiply 3/4 by. Thus, half of 3/4 as a fraction is 3/8.

In decimal form

In decimal form

The great thing about fourths is that they translate nicely into decimals. One-fourth is equal to 25%, or 0.25. So three-fourths is three times 0.25, which is 0.75. Fourths are easy fractions to convert to decimals.

The way to figure it out using the calculator is easy: divide the numerator by the denominator. You’re dividing the smaller number by the bigger number, so you’ll get an answer that’s less than one. To find half of ¾ on the calculator, you can do it in a few different ways:

First method


Second method


Third method

Convert 0.375 to a fraction by first writing it as one, which is 375/1000. Find the greatest common factor of 375 and 1000 to simplify the fraction. In this case, it’s 125, so divide both numbers by 125. You’re left with ⅜.

Other fractions

It may not be too hard to figure out what is half of 1 and ¾, but finding what is half of 11 and ¾ can be daunting! We’ve put together a reference chart of numbers mixed with ¾ and their halves for you.

Original ¾ numberHalf of that number
1 and 3/47/8
2 and 3/41 and 3/8
3 and 3/41 and 7/8
4 and 3/42 and 3/8
5 and 3/42 and 7/8
6 and 3/43 and 3/8
7 and 3/43 and 7/8
8 and 3/44 and 3/8
9 and 3/44 and 7/8
10 and 3/45 and 3/8
11 and 3/45 and 7/8
12 and 3/46 and 3/8

Fractions may seem confusing, but with practice you can learn them stress-free.


If you still have some questions on fractions see our list of FAQs.

What is ¾ divided by 2?

¾ divided by 2 is ⅜.

What Is half of 3?

Half of three is 1 ½ or 1.5.

What is 4 divided by 3?

4 divided by 3 is 1.33. 4/3 contains a whole value of 3/3 which equals 1. If you remove the 3/3 and simplify it to 1, you’re left with the mixed number of 1 and ⅓.

What is half of 2/3?

Half of ⅔ is ⅓. If you multiply the denominator of ⅔ by 2, you get 2/6. You can reduce this fraction because both numbers are divisible by 2. If you divide 2 by 2, you get 1. If you divide 6 by 2, you get 3. You’re left with ⅓.

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