About me

Dear visiter of Strategies To The Max,

My name’s Austin, I’m a 32 year old man from Birmingham. Within the 32 years that I have lived on the amazing earth I have learned a lot. I want to inspire other humans with my tips that comes in handy in the daily life. Through this blog I share tips related to topics like: Fashion, Food, DIY, Health, Hobby, Kids, Pets and Beauty.

Besides that I maintain this blog on a weekly basis, I am a full-time purchasing manager at Cotswold Outdoor. I’ve had this awesome job for about 8 years, after I graduated at Leeds University.

Outside work I like to spend my time exploring nature by bike for example on this amazing trip in Austria:

You can also find me in the kitchen, where I like to make delicious meals and desserts.

But enough about me… I would like to get to know you! I would like to know what kind of tips/information you would like to see on this blog! For tips or questions, you can send an email to: Info@strategiestm.com.